History of the Band


In the 1970's a musician from Moundsville, Bob Berry, who played tenor saxophone in small combos, fell in love with the sound of the Big Band. Over the course of several years he managed to recruit other musicians who were also fans of the Big Band sound. He worked with several arrangers to write tunes for the band and he eventually began booking the band. The band was well accepted and began to work more and more. Eventually the Bob Berry Big Band became one of the most popular bands in the Wheeling area.

After Bob passed away, his wife sold the band to the drummer, Vince Villanova.  Vince led the band for several years until his health began to fail. The band is now being run by Lou Casini, who opted not to change the name of the band as a tribute to Vince who was a true musician's musician.

 Currently the band plays music for dancing, concerts and special events. Members of the band reside in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. These are some of the finest musicians available in the tri-state area. The band is being booked by Lou Casini, music director, who can be reached via email at lou@casini.net.